Jill and Mary

wilmslow wild dog flyball member Jill

Mary was adopted by Jill, January 2014 from CAARS rescue centre, after she had been abandoned just before Christmas. She was found fastened to railings with a cardboard box next to her containing her three puppies. Hence the name Mary!

She now lives in the Peak District where she loves going for long walks…and she took to flyball like a duck to water.

Jill is an illustrator and works from home. She has three children, one husband, one dog, one cat and lots of hens and bees. Jill is also new to flyball and loves it, but is not picking it up as quickly as Mary!


ozzy flyball wilmslow

Hi, my name is Ozzy. I am a 2yr old blue merle border collie and my handler is Michelle. My first love is Flyball but I also like being outside and getting wet. We started Flyball last summer, 2014 at a beginners class with Janice and we have loved it ever since. We have just done our first competition and came 1st.


jabu flyball dog

We (Jaco and Caitlin Jansen) do Flyball with Jabu, (short for Jabulani which is Zulu for one that brings joy; or joyful) who is a black Working Cocker Spaniel. We’ve had Jabu since he was just over 8 weeks old and he’ll be 3 this August. He’s such a happy, bouncy dog and just loves people, fuss, tennis balls and to please! Sometimes he’s very close to taking off his tail wags so fast! We started Fly Ball with him last year to give him additional mental stimulation and he loves it.

Steve & Jacqui

cheshire flyball members Steve and Jacqui own two dogs, Saphie and Jemma. Saphie is an English Springer Spaniel who they’ve had since a 10 week old puppy and who is now 3 years old. Jemma is a Working Cocker Spaniel who was rescued from Cocker and English Springer Spaniel Rescue (www.caessr.org.uk) at 18 months old and who is now 4 years old.

Jacqui runs a small boarding establishment for small to medium sized dogs called Garden Cottage Pet Care (www.gardencottagepetcare.co.uk) and Steve volunteers for CAESSR. They joined Wilmslow Wild Dogs Flyball Team in November 2013 and also compete at Agility as, being from working lines, both dogs need a job to do!cheshire flyball classes

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Posted on Apr 27, 2015