I started flyball in 2000 with Sally, my rescue Border Collie. Sally was ball crazy and full of beans so I decided she needed a job to do. I had seen flyball at Crufts and was keen to get involved, I then joined a local club and trained Sally first of all in obedience and then flyball. We then joined The British Flyball Association (BFA) and started competing, Sally was fast and hot to handle in the ring and she gained her Flyball Silver Award in September 2004. Sadly, Sally had an accident on the beach in May 2005 which led to major surgery on her hind leg, Although she recovered and became sound and well again, I decided that it was wisest to retire her from Flyball. I continued on with my second Border Collie Skye and in July 2006 with two friends and their dogs, I formed Wilmslow Wild Dogs.

The name was chosen, not because of the temperaments of the dogs(?!), but to have a theme which could incorporate several team names.

The registered BFA teams are:

Wilmslow Wild Dogs
Wilmslow Jackals
Wilmslow Coyotes
Wilmslow Hyenas
Wilmslow Dingos.
Wilmslow Ferals
Wilmslow Wolves

Since then, we have trained well over 150 dogs  (and handlers!) to do flyball. We perform at The Cheshire Show every year and also The Wilmslow Show and The Alderley May Fair. We run beginner courses twice a year and the majority of our current team dogs were recruited from these courses, we are a friendly team and we welcome all breeds and shapes and sizes of dogs.

Team Captain

: Flyball is the most unique and exciting dog sport invented. It is fast, colourful and noisy!

: Flyball was first seen in California in the early 70’s, where Herbert Wagner first invented a ball launcher for demonstration at his Canine Obedience Graduations.

: It was fun for the dogs, owners and onlookers and he was asked to go on US national TV and Flyball grew from there.

: In the early 80’s, the sport took off in Canada and America and the North American Flyball Association was formed.

: In the early 90’s, a group of enthusiasts in the UK formed the British Flyball Association.

: There are now over 10,000 BFA registered dogs!